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United Enertech

Based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United Enertech designs, develops, and manufactures mechanical and architectural air movement and control products, primarily for the commercial, industrial, and power generation markets. Its products include dampers, louvers, roof curbs and rails, sunshades, grills/diffusers, access doors, and ventilators. Since its founding in 1988, United Enertech has undergone significant growth, and DalFort […]


Headquartered in Haw River, North Carolina, with a secondary facility in Greenville, South Carolina, Unichem is a leading manufacturer of specialty adhesives and chemicals serving a broad array of end markets. Unichem’s products are used in the textile, automotive, construction, consumer product, health care, industrial and paper industries. Its core business is providing custom chemicals […]


Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Southwestern Petroleum Corporation (SWEPCO) manufactures a premium line of industrial lubricants and greases. Founded in 1933, SWEPCO has supplied its powerful brands of lubricants and greases to a diverse global customer base serving a broad of array of end markets, including: construction, marine, manufacturing, transportation, mining, automotive, and agri-business. www.swepcolube.com

Metal Form

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Metal Form is a premier manufacturer of a wide range of air control, sound control, and evaporative cooling products for commercial, industrial, and institutional applications.  Metal Form operates out of an 80,000 square foot facility where it has manufactured superior products for over 40 years. www.mfmca.com

Key Polymer

Based in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Key is a leading manufacturer of water, urethane, and epoxy-based adhesives and sealants with over 50 years of experience formulating high-performance solutions.  Since inception, Key Polymer has successfully partnered with customers to provide unique and responsive customer-specific materials solutions. www.keypolymer.com

Evergreen UV

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Evergreen UV is a leading manufacturer of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) products serving a broad array of end markets, including: healthcare, educational, institutional, commercial, office and residential. Evergreen’s proprietary suite of products are highly effective in the killing of viruses, bacteria, and other airborne and surface microbials in all indoor environments. […]

Air Performance

Based in Hartford, Alabama, Air Performance specializes in the design and manufacture of architectural products for a wide range of commercial asset classes. These products include architectural louvers, brake metal, equipment screens, sunshades and grilles. Air Performance carries AMCA certifications and operates from its 90,000 square foot facility that features modern fabrication technology and machinery […]

Air Conditioning Products Company

Headquartered in Romulus, Michigan, Air Conditioning Products Company (ACP) is a leading manufacturer of shutters, dampers, louvers, and other air movement equipment. Family-owned and operated since 1947, ACP specializes in backdraft dampers, wall shutters, motorized dampers, stationary louvers, ceiling shutters, and gable shutters serving industrial, commercial, power generation, residential, and agricultural applications. www.acpshutters.com

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Based in Kansas City, Kansas, VersaFlex, Inc. formulates, manufactures and distributes polyurea-based protective coatings, linings, joint fillers and repair materials tailored to a wide variety of industrial, commercial, transportation and maintenance environments.  Since its founding in 1994, VersaFlex has become a recognized leader in the production of a wide range of elastomeric coatings based on […]

Specialty Products

Based in Lakewood, Washington and Rowlett, Texas, Specialty Products is a leader in the formulation and manufacturing of spray-applied polyurea elastomers, polyurethane foams and custom plural component equipment. Specialty Products serves an array of contractors and OEM customers in commercial and industrial applications. DalFort Capital Partners and VersaFlex partnered with the Specialty Products management team […]

Raven Linings Systems

Based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Raven Lining Systems is a leader in the formulation, manufacturing and distribution of epoxy, polyurethane, polyurea and cementitious coatings, linings, primers, sealers and fillers for the water/wastewater, industrial, waterproofing and oil & gas markets in the United States and Canada. DalFort Capital Partners and VersaFlex partnered with the existing management […]

Milamar Coatings

Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Milamar Coatings is a leader in the formulation, manufacturing and distribution of resinous floor and wall coatings for industrial and commercial applications in the United States and internationally. Milamar has over 20 years of proven installed history of its epoxy and urethane systems in diverse environments, including in the food […]