DalFort Capital Partners is a Dallas-based investment firm which makes control investments in lower middle market companies. We pride ourselves on our ability to look beyond the numbers to find latent value in companies that might otherwise be overlooked by traditional private equity firms. In an industry overrun by “group think,” we endeavor to look outside the customary parameters to identify growth drivers and opportunities for profitability enhancement.


Once DalFort Capital has made a platform acquisition, we work in partnership with management to drive growth, enhance profitability and optimize long-term value for our stakeholders. We also work with management to define strategic priories and to develop an operating plan designed to meet those objectives. We encourage portfolio companies to implement incentive compensation programs that reward employees for superior performance in key areas that drive overall company value. Our approach is collaborative rather than prescriptive, harnessing the expertise within the portfolio company to deliver optimal decision making outcomes.


DalFort Capital Partners specifically targets fragmented industries that present opportunities for consolidation. We specialize in identifying and executing strategic add-on acquisitions for our portfolio companies. These add-on acquisitions strengthen a company’s relationship with existing customers by broadening a product portfolio and by expanding a company’s reach into new geographies or market niches. Add-on acquisitions leverage the significant investment we make in the management teams of our portfolio companies by spreading that talent base over a large enterprise.


At DalFort Capital Partners we strive to achieve the best performance for our investors and our portfolio company partners while remaining true to our core beliefs. We embrace open and honest communication and believe every successful partnership is based on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. Above all else, we value integrity and hold ourselves accountable to our moral and ethical principles.